Mudzuli Law Services

Criminal Law

With expert understanding of Ciminal Law we can provide our clients with the Legal protection they require. We are on your side.

Commercial Law

All areas of industry and business face many challenges of a legal nature on a day to day basis. Let us assist you in navigating the maze of modern commerce and commercial litigation.

Family Law

From Adoptions to Marriage we know that this area of law requires a specific care and focus.

Divorce Law

This is no easy decision for anyone to make, however sometimes it happens. Let us help and assist you through all areas of your divorce.

3rd Party Negligence

have you suffered damages/loss as a result of another parties negligence? Let us assist you in getting the compensation you deserve.

RAF (Road Accident fund) Claims

We will assist with your claims against the RAF.

Estates and Wills

Estate planning and drafting of wills.

Medical Negligence Claims

Have you suffered damages as a result of a doctor’s negligence? Let’s us assist you in getting getting compensated.

Motor Vehicle Accident claims (MVA)

we specialize in all areas of Motor vehicle accident claims.

Debt Collections

Do you have an unpaid debt? Let us assist you in collecting it.

Medical professional defense attorney

are you a doctor facing charges of Negligence. Let us defend you.

Contract drafting

we will draft a contract for any transaction.

Transactional consulting

merging a business, dissolving one or selling one?  Let us tell you how.


need to liquidate or sequestrate? This is a difficult decision to make. Let us help you make it easier.

Labour Law

All labour related matters from disciplinary procedures to unfair dismissal.

Banking and Finance

Banking practice, Litigation and asset finance structures.

Black Economic Empowerment

With the dynamic and ever developing nature of BBEE transactions. It’s advisable that you have expert advise on your side.

Aviation Law

Constitutional Law

Correspondent Services